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See who you're talking to in our video chatroom

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Our video chat system enables you to watch up to 2500 members live webcam sessions!

In early 2006 we invested heavily in new video software and new servers to make our video chatrooms the place to see and be seen!

All to often members will post or send images that are anything from 1-10 years out of date. With our video chatrooms you can see them live and see what they look like today.

To see the feed from another members web cam you simply click their name on the list of users in the room, and you will see and hear what they are doing now.

Private Video Chat Rooms

Our technology also allows you to have private one on one sessions.

We allow the creation of password protected video chat rooms, so that you can invite selected members to join you for a private show.

Because of the costs of the development of the system and the costs of the bandwidth and servers to run this service it is available to our "premium" members only.

If you are a standard member you can still take advantage of our text chat rooms where you will often find over 200 swingers chatting at any one time!

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Join Swingers in New Zealand NOW!